How to Transition Closet Favorites into the Next Season

Gramercy Jacket, Sutton Tee, Jeans, and Booties

Transitioning your favorite work pieces from season to season can be a good way to extend your current work wardrobe and experiment a bit with your own personal style without purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. Current trends are always changing along with the seasons, but we’re going to walk you through how to stay up to date without breaking the bank!

Transitioning your favorite styles into the  next season is all about repurposing those versatile pieces to meet your needs. Have a favorite work dress such as the Jane Dress that you can’t seem to part with once the summer season is behind you? Try pairing the dress with a statement cardigan in fall’s trendiest color to not only provide the pop of color your dress could be craving, but also to keep the chill away on those early morning commutes! Take the look a step further as the thermometer drops and pair this fall look with a pair of boots and, viola you are ready for winter! Just make sure your dress is not linen or lightweight cotton, as these fabrics are best left to the warmer months!

The same rules can be applied to that favorite skirt you have been wearing all winter! Our Bleeker Skirt can easily be paired with tights, a pair of booties and a turtleneck or with a pair of summer flats, a pretty tank, some chunky jewelry and our Gramercy jacket for a fresh take on a very cold weather look.

A crisp, man-tailored shirt, a pair of sleek pants and slingback kitten-heeled pumps is a great transitional outfit that can easily be utilized in every season. Pair the pants with a feminine tee, some layered necklaces, patent leather flats and a blazer, and you are ready for the office even on the hottest of days. Wear those same pants as the cold winds blow, paired with a cashmere sweater, scarf and suede pumps topped off with a blazer and you are ready for winter!

Remember that opaque tights can “winterize” an outfit as can boots or booties. Likewise, adding a scarf or changing the color of your sweater can take a neutral dress and give it a new life in another season. Just remember that clothing items made from chunky wool or tweeds are best left to the colder months and linens and light cottons provide a better look in the warmer weather! Get creative and have fun with your seasonal looks!